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Monday, February 14, 2011

Recently read: "Deep State" by Walter Jon Williams

"Deep State" by Walter Jon Williams

Deep State

In Williams "This Is Not A Game", we saw game deisgner Dagmar get caught up in revoluttions, murders and financial manipulation that blended into her ARG, as she used the players to help find anwers.  In this sequel, she is pitched the idea for a game that becomes real life, where her team is using the tools they have developed to help create a revolution in a Turky that has been taken over by hard line generals.  They, using CIA money and an RAF base, are astroturfing the revolution.

Dagamr must deal with flashbacks to the terror she experienced in the past, along with an apparent leak in her group.  Events appear to spiral out of hand when the Turks then shut off the internet.  Williams does a great job handling the human element, giving us a realitic Dagmar dealing with real personal problems, along with a motely group of programmars/designers.  He also pretty much hit the jackpoint timing wise, as the situtation in Egypt heated up as the book was published.

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