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Monday, February 7, 2011

Recently read: "Jack: Secret Vengeance" by F. Paul Wilson

"Jack: Secret Vengeance" by F. Paul Wilson

The third book about the boy hood of Wilson's "Repairman Jack" character.  Here, Jack's friend "Wheezy" tells him that Carson Toliver (football hero, high school heartthrob, loved by all) attacked her while on a date.  Dubbed "Easy Weezy" after Toliver spreads stories about her, she refuses to go to school, and Jack decides to teach Toliver a lesson. 

Here we see Jack developing the skills he'll need for his later career.  Picking locks, planning his mission out, and taking revenge for someone.  We get more weirdness from the Pin Barrens, and Jack gets help from a "Piney" who is interesting in how Jack does some of the things he does.

There's some nice fleshing in of Jack's history here, and seeing how Jack deals with Toliver is fun.  Certainly worth reading if you're a fan of the Repariman Jack books.

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