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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Recently read: "Moonlight Mile" by Dennis Lehane

Moonlight Mile

Moonlight Mile

The newest novel from Dennis Lehane, and a return to his detectives Patrick Kenzie and Angie (Gennaro) Kenzie.  The two, after being reunited as partners (and lovers) in the previous book (Prayers for Rain), are now married with a four year old daughter.  Angie is in school, and Patrick is attempting to keep the family afloat with his detective work in a rotten economy, doing temp jobs for a big agency while they dangle the possibility of a permanent job.

Twelve years before (in Gone, Baby, Gone), the two had found missing four year old Amanda McCready, and the act of returning her to a neglectful mother drove a wedge between them.  Patrick still doesn't know if he made the right decision, and when Amanda's aunt asks him to find the girl (now a brilliant 16 year old) he finds himself forced to rethink his previous actions.

We get Russian mobsters, the usual violence, and some ruminations on nature vs nurture.  We also see how important family is to Patrick, and how much young Gabriella means to both of them.  The years, and particulary the violence, has worn down Kenzie, and the choices he makes gives the book it's emotional heft. 

We may not see another Kenzie/Gennaro book, and if so, that's ok.  I'd like to think that the two could finally live a live away from the violence and stupidity that they so often have had to deal with.

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