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Monday, March 7, 2011

Recently read: "Rising Tides: Destroyermen" by Taylor Anderson

Rising Tides: Destroyermen

Rising Tides: Destroyermen

The fifth novel in Anderson's series chronicling the exploits of the crew of the U.S.S. Walker in this alternate Pacific.  There's a lull in the ongoing conflict with the Grik, as the raptor like creatures regroup and begin to learn new fighting techniques.  Captain Reddy steams to this Earth's Hawaiian islands, home of a small quasi British Empire, which is dominated by the Honorable New Britain Company (who's agents kidnapped Lt. Sandra Tucker, whom Reddy is in love with).  The Empire is also at odds with the Holy Dominion, which are descended from displaced Spaniards, practicing some sort of bloody Catholicism.

We get a couple of climaxes here (one a naval battle, the other concerning a volcano) and while there's several major setbacks, there's also much forward progress (and good news for Reddy at the book's end)

Anderson has continued to open up his universe, and has so far juggled the multiplying plot threads well.  I do worry that we won't get an end to the major conflict in book six (he's already signed a contract for books 7-9)

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