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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Recently read: "Murder in the Air" by Bill Crider

Murder in the Air

Murder in the Air: A Dan Rhodes Mystery

This is the 18th book in Crider's "Sheriff Dan Rhodes" series, and I finally grabbed a Kindle copy of it.

Here, Lester Hamilton's chicken farm is a going concern in Blackin County, but the neighbors are up in arms over the foul (bad pun!) smell.  When Hamilton is found dead in a well known fishing hole, Rhodes must investigate.  Making his work more difficult is the continuing antics of  the mysterious "Robin Hood" who is using his bow and arrows to deliver notes (complaining about the local government, including County Commissioner Mikey Burns).  There's also a group of women protesters in skimpy feather outfits, and Commissioner Burns trying to get federal money to outfit Rhodes with automatic weapons (in case of terrorists).

If you've read any of the Sheriff Rhodes books before (and enjoyed them) then this is another good installment.  You have many of the typical things (including the comedy stylings of dispatcher Hank and jailer Lawton), but Rhodes is addressing what it's like in these small Texas towns, which seem to be slowly dying (like small towns in many states, I'm sure).  In this book he is also addressing some of the issues with factory farms.

Recommended, and looking forward to book 19 (The Wild Hog Murders) due in July.

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