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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Recently read: "Yellow Medicine" by Anthony Neil Smith

Yellow Medicine

Yellow Medicine

I'm blaming this one on Bill Crider.  He is often pointing out interesting, odd, mystery/crime novels, and this is one (here, and here).  Billy Lafitte is a cop with a bad side, and has relocated to Yellow Medicine county in Minnesota from Gulfport, Mississippi in the aftermath of Katrina.  Separated from his wife (who is living with their two kids with her very religious parents) Lafitte is now working for his brother-in-law, who is Sheriff of Yellow Medicine.  Drew, a young singer who Lafitte might be in love with, asks for his help with her boyfriend Ian, who has become involved with a new set of drug dealers in the area.  Lafitte, who views the local dealers as his own money source, gets involved.  Soon, there's multiple deaths, the Feds and even terrorists in the Minnesota heartland.

Lafitte spends most of the book beaten up and wounded, careening from one bad spot to another.  He also seems to have more friends than he deserves.  Smith pulls it off, and makes me wonder what will happens next.

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