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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Recently read: "Feed" by Mira Grant

Well, the last thing I expected to be reading was a zombie novel....

First, it gets nominated for a Hugo, and then someone in our book club recommends it, so I took a chance on the Kindle version.

We get somewhat traditional zombies (very slow moving, mindless creatures trying to eat you) with a scientific origin (a virus, originating with a vaccine).  We also get bloggers, in this case twins Georgia and Shaun Mason, along with their colleague Buffy (yes, a reference to that Buffy).  The trio is picked to be the official bloggers covering the presidential candidate of Senator Peter Ryman. 

Grant has built a world where humans are dealing with a deadly virus, with all the checks and controls that would be necessary, including a very powerful CDC.  Partly because of this, social media rules in 2039.
Bloggers are even slotted in categories ("Irwins" are ones that like to poke things with sticks).  The book is first person, from Georgia's viewpoint, with blog posts heading each chapter. 

Our heroes deal with politics (infighting for the Republican nomination) and find that what appears to be accidentical infestations might be murder instead.  The tension is ratcheted up through the book, and ends with a fairly explosive climax.

There's two more books coming, and I was impressed enough that I have already grabbed the Deadline in a Kindle edition.

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