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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Recently read: Simon Morden's "Samuil Petrovitch" novels

Equations of Life (Samuil Petrovitch)Theories of Flight (Samuil Petrovitch)Degrees of Freedom (Samuil Petrovitch)

A big plus on cover design...the striking designs of the covers convinced me to look at the books (while browsing Barnes & Nobel).  I then looked at the Amazon write ups, and decided to try the first book.  It read fast enough that I followed up quickly with the other two.

I enjoyed the books, though at times the main character seems just too much ("no...I won't fail...").  He's possibly the smartest man in the world (though he's barely a man) and in the first book finds the key to the Theory of Everything (this leads to anti gravity in book two, and we see micro black holes in book three).

Set in London (the "Metrozone") with the U.K. in near anarchy, the US a theocracy and Japan destroyed, Petrovitch is a Russian with a past, working on his PhD.  A chance encounter with Sonja Oshicora (daughter of a Japanese gangster) has Petrovitch foiling her kidnapping.

We get an AI (called Michael in later books), the futher collaspe of the Metrozone, and CIA hit teams coming after our hero. Oh...and a warrior nun, who becomes Petrovitch's wife, and then develops trust issues.

The books are over the top, but a good bit of fun.  Might be interesting to see what Morden comes up with next.

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