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Monday, January 31, 2011

Recently Read: "The Ouroboros Wave" by Jyouji Hayashi

"The Ouroboros Wave"

I continue to check out the Japanese SF that is being published in this country by Haikasoru.  This isn't really a novel, but instead a collection of linked stories.  Set almost a century from now, there's black hole dubbed "Kali" that is being tapped for energy to fuel the human expansion across the solar system.  There's friction between the societies (Earth, Mars, Europa, Titanaia) and there's always the AADD (Artificial Accretion Disk Development Association).

Most of the stories are hard SF puzzle stories.  I enjoyed the book a lot, but it's not the smoothest read.  I think Hayashi has an interesting setting, with a mind that likes the classical puzzle SF story, but much of it reads too flat, with a lot of info dumping at times.

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