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Monday, January 31, 2011

Recently read: "The Spy Who Loved Me" by Ian Fleming.

After another break, I returned to the Bond books.  I believe that this is the first novel where the book has no connection at all to the movie (even the book version of Moonraker had a rocket in it...).  The story of Vivienne Michel, a Canadaian educated in England, she is burned in love twice (once having an abortion) and decides to drive her Vespa from Canada to Florida.  While working in a hotel in upstate New York, she is threatened by two thugs (on a mission from the owner to burn the hotel down for insurance).  Bond shows up (halfway into the book) with a flat tire and needing a room.

A showdown occurs, and Bond gets the girl.  The first half of the book is an interesting character study, though I'm not sure that Vivienne ends up learning the correct lesson.  There's a good speech at the end by a state policemen, explaining to her that regardless of the fact that she was rescued by him, that Bond is a different type of person, with more in common with the thugs than Vivienne.  She listens to the policeman, but doesn't really hear him.

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