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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Recently read: "Hogdoggin'" by Anthony Neil Smith


The second "Billy Lafitte" novel, after Yellow Medicine (which I reviewed here) and the third book by Smith that I've read (the last was Choke on Your Lies, reviewed here).

Our "hero" Lafitte, after the collapse of his career as a deputy in Yellow Medicine (Minnesota), is the right hand man/enforcer of "Steel God", the giant leader of a motorcycle gang in North Dakota, who's leadership is starting to be questioned as his health declines.  FBI Agent Rome, banished to New Orleans for his hot dog actions going after Lafitte, has hatched a plan to lure Lafitte back to the Gulf Coast by focusing on his ex wife.

Lafitte tells Steel God that he has to go, and heads south on his turquoise-blue chopper.  Bad things happen along the way, and Rome, with his fellow agents, are coming to meet him.

If possible, this book is even darker than Yellow Medicine.  Smith takes his characters deeper into violence, with nearly everyone making bad decisions.

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